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What do I have to do to move my site to a new hosting company?

Posted by Administrator - 05/30/2016, 2:59 PM

I am looking to have my site moved from one hosting company or another. How do I accomplish this?
  • Administrator

    05/30/2016, 3:00 PM

    This all depends on what type of web site you have. If you have what is called a static site (a site where there are no databases attached and every page is its own file with its own content), then it is fairly easy. All you have to do is transfer the files from your site from your old server to your new one (using a program like FileZilla). You also need to make sure your domain is pointing to your new server.

    If you have a dynamic site (one that is data driven and using one or more databases), than you need to not only transfer your site's design (using the method above), as well as export and import your database files and rename and re-associate all the database names that are integrated in your site. Depending on how many pages you have and how many database tables you are using, this can be an incredibly painstaking process!

    Because of their speed, use of a Content Management System (CMS), and a variety of other reasons, most new web sites are built to be dynamic.

    This is why we offer a Site Moving Service for you! Contact us for more information! Don't take a risk with your web site! Whether it is a static or dynamic site, let us move it for you and ensure it is working right for you!

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